Easy to Navigate Interface

Touch Screen

Large and bright 11.6" touchscreen that makes the checkout process swift and seamless


Safely process all forms of payment that your customer wants to use

Business Management

Management of all aspect of your business that is accessible anywhere, anytime through cloud-based software

How It Helps You Grow

Clover's all-in-one software is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing you to focus on improving the customer experience and making your business easier to manage.

Data Encryption

With cloud-based storage, tokenization, and end-to-end encryption, your customers' and your information is always safe.

Automatic Updates

Never worry about pesky software updates interrupting your work flow again! These are done while you sleep!

Access Anywhere

No need to be in the store. Our cloud-based system enables you to manage your information from your home computer or while on vacation!

The Features and Support You Need

Online Accounting

Log in online anytime, anywhere.

Online Invoicing

Get paid faster and improve cashflow.

Bank Reconciliation

Reconcile your latest bank, transaction quickly.


Always get a real-time view of your cashflow.

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