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Finally, a Point-of-Sale system that performs as sleek as it looks!

Form meets function in our dedicated Clover hardware that is designed for your business.

Clover can handle the demands of your business. And looks good doing it.

From the most powerful countertop POS with pivoting touchscreen and stunning looks to a portal mobile unit that fits into the palm of your hand, Clover's dedicated hardware not only looks good but also is capable of carrying out thousand of transactions, safely and securely.

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Sleek All-in-One Design

Ready to go when you take it out of the box! Just plug in and start accepting payments!

  • 1

    High Resolution Touchscreen that is easy to navigate from app to app

  • 2

    Durable aluminium body with white glass accents

  • 3

    Convenient built-in card reader

  • 4

    Pivot armstand swivels smoothly between you and the customer for a smooth checkout experience

Here are some of the accessories offered to customize your system:

Handheld Barcode Scanner to make inventory easy to track as well as speedy check out. Any 1D barcode can be captured along with electronic barcodes displayed on screens.

Pin-Pad Debit Pad to take pin based transactions plugs right into your clover and is EMV ready and also accepts contactless payments like Google Wallet and Apple Pay.

Kitchen Printer that makes getting your orders to your kitchen staff quick and easy!

Label Printer to organize inventory, label supplies and even print out postage!

Clover Station

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Clover Mobile

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Clover Mini

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